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Liposomal Vitamin K2D3 capsules

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At DQA Health, we’ve formulated a liposomal dietary supplement containing K2 and D3. While vitamin D aids in calcium absorption from food, vitamin K2 ensures proper calcium storage in bones. Research indicates that combining vitamins K2 and D3 is more effective against osteoporosis than taking them separately. Additionally, they enhance each other’s antioxidant effects.

Benefits of (Liposomal) Vitamin K2 & D3
We’ve selected a combination of vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 because they complement each other and work synergistically. Together, they promote strong and healthy bones, optimal muscle function, and flexible blood vessels. Moreover, they collaborate in calcium management. As fat is required for the absorption of K2+D3, liposomes are the ideal carrier to enhance their bioavailability. With our liposomal Vitamin K2 + D3, you can easily meet your daily intake of these essential vitamins.

Why Choose Liposomal Vitamin K2 and D3 Over Traditional Supplements?
Liposomal K2 & D3 offer significantly higher bioavailability compared to traditional supplements. This means more active ingredients are available in your bloodstream, yielding maximum results.

Traditional vs. Liposomal Vitamins K2 & D3
Traditional Vitamin K2 & D3 supplements undergo degradation in the acidic stomach, with some active ingredients lost during absorption and liver processing. In contrast, Liposomal Vitamins K2 & D3, encapsulated in phospholipids, pass through the stomach intact. Recognized as the body’s own substance, liposomes are released to the lymphatic system and delivered directly to the bloodstream, bypassing liver processing. This ensures efficient delivery of the active ingredients to the cells.

Would you like to delve deeper into the workings of liposomal dietary supplements? Explore our comprehensive article: “Why Choose a Liposomal Dietary Supplement?”

Which product does Liposomal Vitamin K2 & D3 work well with?
Pair Liposomal Vitamin K2 & D3 with Liposomal Curcumin for a potent anti-inflammatory effect.

Undecided Between Liposomal K2+D3 and Liposomal D3?
Explore more about our Liposomal K2+D3 and the distinction from our Liposomal D3 in a blog by our dietician Erika.

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30 capsules

DQA Health Liposomal Vitamin K2 D3 capsules are crafted in the Netherlands.

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Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Lecithine, Maltodextrine, Vitamine D3, Vitamine K2, Zinkoxide


30 capsules

Storage Advice

Keep the jar tightly closed in a dry, room-temperature environment. Once opened, it can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months. Keep out of children’s reach. Remember, dietary supplements complement a balanced lifestyle.


Each capsule contains 45 mcg of vitamin K2 & 25 mcg of vitamin D3, providing 60% of your reference intake for vitamin K2 and 500% for vitamin D3. Note: Vitamin K counteracts coumarin derivative action (anticoagulant), potentially leading to clot formation with concurrent use. Always consult your doctor before supplementing. Not suitable for children up to 10 years old.

Tolerable Upper Limit

  • Vitamin K: No established maximum safe dosage.
  • Vitamin D: Excessive intake can lead to toxicity, especially with doses exceeding 250 micrograms (10,000 IU) per day, but such levels typically require prolonged usage.


Take 1 capsule daily with ample water, preferably during or after meals, unless otherwise advised. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Usage in Children

Guidelines for children’s use are as follows, unless otherwise directed, based on age and body weight:

  • Children under 3: Insufficient data available.
  • Children aged 3-6: Consume 1/3 of the adult dosage.
  • Children aged 6-12: Consume 1/2 of the adult dosage.
  • Children over 12: Same dosage as adults.