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Liposomal Vitamin B6 capsules

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Vitamin B6 is an essential water-soluble vitamin. Its most active and absorbable form for humans is pyridoxal-5-phosphate. Considered essential, it must be obtained through our diet. Acting as a cofactor in up to 150 enzymatic processes, B6 is crucial for the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Due to its involvement in these processes, B6 supports optimal energy levels and is vital for the normal production of red blood cells, facilitating oxygen transport throughout the body. Additionally, it plays a key role in synthesizing important neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, histamine, and GABA, thereby contributing to the normal functioning of the nervous system. Moreover, B6 regulates hormonal activity and, along with vitamins B12 and folic acid, ensures normal homocysteine metabolism, supports immune function, combats fatigue, and promotes psychological well-being.

Deficiencies in B6 are common and often stem from inadequate dietary intake, food preparation methods, or issues in biochemical conversion. B6-rich foods include animal and plant-based sources such as meat, fish, eggs, poultry, starchy vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and avocados.

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30 capsules

DQA Health Liposomal Vitamin B6 capsules are manufactured in the Netherlands.

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Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Lecithine, Maltodextrine, Vitamine B6 (als Pyridoxal-5-fosfaat), Zinkoxide


30 capsules


Alcohol-free, Gluten free, GMO free, Liposomal, Sugar-free, Vegan

Storage Advice

Store the sealed jar in a dry place at room temperature. Once opened, it can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months. Keep out of reach of children. Remember, a dietary supplement is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


Each capsule contains 1.4 mg of liposomal vitamin B6, equivalent to 100% of the recommended daily intake.

Tolerable Upper Limit

To ensure vitamin B6 intake remains within safe limits, the maximum daily dose in the Netherlands is 21 mg. Since vitamin B6 is present in various supplements, it’s advisable to monitor daily doses and avoid exceeding the maximum limit.

Permitted Claims

Vitamin B6 contributes to various bodily functions, including the formation of red blood cells, cysteine synthesis, energy metabolism, homocysteine metabolism, hormonal regulation, immune system function, protein and glycogen metabolism, psychological function, and reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


Take 1 capsule daily with or after meals, accompanied by plenty of water, unless otherwise advised. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Usage in Children

General guidelines for children’s usage are as follows, unless otherwise instructed. Consider body weight when determining the dosage:

  • Children under 1 year: Not suitable for this age group.
  • Children aged 1-3: Insufficient scientific data; consult a healthcare professional.
  • Children aged 3-6: 1/3 of the adult dosage.
  • Children aged 6-12: 1/2 of the adult dosage.
  • Children over 12: Same dosage as adults.